Hi, I'm Helena.

I’m a Texas native living in Boston with my husband and toddler.  In 2014 I started Heritage Organic Cakes, a small bakery based out of my home in Houston.  I created bespoke, all-natural cakes with romantic styling for special occasions, weddings, and styled shoots.  I was fortunate enough to work with many talented creatives in the wedding and lifestyle industries, and over the next two years I gained a strong appreciation for the editorial side of things.  I loved baking for weddings and families, and still do it on occasion.  But since moving to Boston and becoming a mom, I've decided to take a step back from the business and focus on sharing what I like to make for my family.  And so, Heritage Organic Cakes has become Heritage At Home.

I love feeding my family tasty, indulgent treats made from scratch.  Fair warning - there's no shortage of butter and sugar here because I don't believe in feeling guilty about the occasional pastry when I know it's made with real, honest ingredients.  And I believe that the time put into making something from scratch gives it real soul, something you just can't get from anything prepackaged.  

When you flip through my recipes, you'll find a mix of both easy homemade desserts like cookies and brownies, as well as complicated or multi-day projects like elaborate tarts and croissants.  But don't be discouraged - everything I make you can recreate at home with or without fancy equipment.  It just takes a little time and gumption.  And I'm always happy to answer any baking questions you have - just leave a comment or shoot me an email.

So whether you've never stepped foot in your kitchen or you're a pastry chef, I hope you feel inspired to put on your apron and get cracking.


Other Bits & Pieces

Tell me about your photos.

Unless otherwise listed, all of the graphics and photos you see are mine.  I put a lot of effort into my work, so please do not use or repost any of it without my consent.  I'm happy to share my photos, but I request that you ask first and credit me appropriately.

Are you available for collaboration?

Definitely!  I love doing styled shoots and workshops.  Just send me an email, and I'll be in touch.  I'm happy to work together on something online or locally in New England.